I am a journalist and photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

My writing has appeared in NUVO Magazine, MONTECRISTO Magazine, the National Observer, Vancouver Observer, Ricochet Media, THIS Magazine, Megaphone Magazine, iPolitics, Rosewood Conversations, and others.

My photography has appeared in the CBC, The National Observer, MacLean's Magazine, The Georgia Straight, KING Magazine, the Metro Vancouver Newspaper, NUVO Magazine, MONTECRISTO Magazine, Basenotes Magazine, and others.

I've created branded content and photography by assignment for GNC, Supra Footwear, Skull Candy, Spigen, Grand Collection New York, The Juice Truck, BLENZ coffee, and other brands.


I am also a culinary writer at FödaKost.com, the host of a conversation series and podcast at CaptureQueue.com, and the founder of ReframingAddiction.com.

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